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I am remaking my site so there might be some things that do not work. If you find something, I would be grateful if you told me so.

Maybe there are more beatiful sites but I don't like the way they look these days. Too cluttered. Besides, I hate irritating animations and pop-ups when I try to read something.
If your browser supports alternate styles, you can change the size of the letters. Besides default size, I have 'large' and 'small'.

Navigation drop-down menu

On top of every post there is a navigation bar, with a drop-down menu and four buttons.
Via the drop-down menu, you get to posts with further links.

Navigation buttons

To the right of the navigation bar are four buttons with links. If the links are not applicable, the buttons are grayed-out. The buttons are:

To the home page

This page

Links to all posts

The posts have an internal linking order. This button will take you to the next post. Next post depends on what post you are reading.

There is also a navigation bar at the bottom of every post, this bar only has a "Next" button.

Links and notes

The arrow, , is a link that takes you to another page or to another place within the same page when you click it. The new page opens in the same tab, if you right click the link you can choose to open the new page in a new tab.
If you see this symbol, , you will get a note (sort of footnote without the foot) when you place the cursor over it. If it is just a name and a page number, you should be able to find the book referred to by looking fo the author in the references section of the appendix post.

On the blog construction

I try to keep my site lean, mean, no frills (no script). To make the site, I use the Notepad and the Notepad++ editors. I don't use cookies and there is no hidden intrusive code of any kind. Word of honor.
To give the posts a consistent look and feel, I have a preprocessor adding html-code to my body text.
In the hope that my site will function in most browsers, I have tried to keep my html as simple as possible. To test the functionality, I use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. For me it works and I hope for everybody else. I also have tried it with the Chrome and Firefox browsers on my LG G4 phone.

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