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My site might not be the most beautiful but I don't like most modern sites. They are too cluttered. Besides, I hate irritating animations and pop-ups when I try to read something.
If your browser supports alternate styles, you can change the size of the letters. Besides default size, I have 'large' and 'small'.

Menu bar

On top of every post there is a menu bar. The Home, Previous (left arrow) and Next (right arrow) top menu items move you directly (not on the home page). To other posts you move via drop down menus.

The home page.

The homepage is divided into two parts, a main and a right column. In the main column you'll find some introductory texts, after that there is a link list sorted by language (first English, than a few of little general interest in my native Swedish) and date. In the right column you will find first my portrait; it is a couple of years old but I hope not too misleading. Under this a list with links to all my posts, sorted by subject.
The links in the menu bar at the top are the same as those in the right column but there is a difference. The links in the menu bar open in same tab, the links in the right column open in a new tab.


If you go to, you will be redirected to the Links page, a page like the right column of the home page with links to all posts. Like all pages except the home page, it has thin decorative borders with all information in the middle column. I hope this will make it easy to read also on mobile devices.

Notes and links

If you see this symbol, , you will get a note (sort of footnote without the foot) when you place the cursor over it. This symbol, , is a link that takes you to another page when you click it. I also use standard html links, text that is differently colored and underlined.


I try to keep my site lean, mean, no frills (no script). To make the site, I use the Notepad and the Notepad++ editors. To give the posts a consistent look and to facilitate navigation, I have written an html preprocessor in Perl. The generated code is not beautiful, maybe I'll do something about it some day (if it ain't broke, dont fix it). I don't use cookies and there is no hidden intrusive code of any kind. Word of honor.
In the hope that my site will function in most browsers, I have tried to keep my html as simple as possible. To test the functionality, I use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. For me it works and I hope for everybody else.

© Anders Floderus