So far, I've had no reason to do any corrections.

Corrections and Attributions

This is where you will find corrections and attributions. If I add new pages or if I make major revisions to existing pages, you will find it on top of the "By date" list. Should people begin discussing my posts, I will use this page to document changes, until then too small revisions and too obvious attributions will not be documented.
I have asked for advice about my site and I am grateful for responses. From Helene, from Jason and from Jessica and the participants in her creative writing course.


I have strived to be correct in my argumentation, still it is theoretically possible that I have made mistakes. So far, I have had no reason to correct anything; Jag och Marx (the origin of this site) was not always right.
Often when I read what I write, I find places I don't like. It might be badly written, it might be unclear; sometimes I rewrite that part. Should somebody misunderstand something, I might try to clarify it. Sometimes I do permit myself little jokes; they should not be taken too seriously and I will not always explain them.


There is a lot of information on the net. The problem is finding what you want. Often when I search I get so many answers I just can't find what I am looking for. Lazy as I am, I often find it easier to think things out by myself. This does not necessarily mean I am first.
Still, I have tried to give attribution where it is due. Sometimes I don't know. Sometimes, when I do not remember where I read something, I might write "As somebody said" or something like that. Maybe some things that I believe is common knowledge have a specific source. Maybe I have missed some important attributions, through negligence or ignorance. If somebody is kind enough to tell me, I will be happy to correct it .

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