On the subprime crisis with links
The Savings and Loan crisis
Federal subprime support
Bundling mortgages
Credit Rating Agencies
The mortgage bubble grows
The mortgage bubble bursts
Bailing out the banks
How mortgages should be treated
Profiting on failure
Special Companies
Forcing Default
Dirty Tricks
About victims
Was it murder?
Bankers don't know
Bankers know
Bank friendly courts
Protecting banks
Feds won't use the law
Courts against the banks
Many regulators, no regulation
Feds obstruct examinations
Making a mess
Handouts, others pay
Better than production
Duping municipalities
Not only mortgages
Competence is competence to loot
Regulating for looting
If looting is incentivized, looting wins
Money as motivator
The End
Finance contents
Finance Appendix
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