Attacking health, education, and more

Not only banks

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Health, education and more
The banks are threatening your wealth; so are education, defense, energy, trade agreements, electronic communication, agriculture. Tobacco, petrol and other substances, with and without additives, are threatening your health. Health care and health insurance are threatening both.


Medicare and health
The proponents of deregulation assume that the individual knows best what is good for him. 'Tis not always so. For example when it comes to healtcare. The patient has to trust that his doctor knows what's best for the patient. But first of all, the doctor knows what is best for the doctor. If the doctor is paid per prescription, he might find that many prescriptions are better than one.
Analyzing payments for the care of Medicare patients, it was found that the costs were very unevenly distributed. Even in neighboring areas with similar living conditions, the costs could vary considerably with little difference in health. However, there was a close correlation between costs and the availability of doctors, the more doctors the higher the costs.

Unhealthy health insurance
It's not only the physicians and the pharmaceutical companies robbing you. Maybe you think that having a good health insurance will help you if you get sick. But a good health insurance is not necessarily that good. Especially when it comes to expensive treatments, the insurance companies often find ways not to pay for treatments that should have been covered. It might seem reasonable that in case of fraud they don't have to pay. But to the insurance companies, fraud includes not telling about past ailments which means that it is possible for them to refuse a claim if you didn't tell them about your acne in your teens. One company started a fraud investigation for every policyholder recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

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