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My name is Anders Floderus. link

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The main content is two studies, of the subprime crisis and of communism, mainly Marxist theory. Besides these, there are a few posts on me and on my site, a couple of unrelated posts and, in my native Swedish, a few posts of little general interest.

Me and my site (links) link
A presentation of myself and a place for corrections and attributions if any. There are a post list.

The financial sector taking over link
Since at least the 1970s, the US has gone for financial deregulation. Big business is getting more and more support from the government and both parties are getting more and more contributions from big business. Laws are changed to protect banking officials. The result is the subprime crisis with incorrect housing valuations, with unwarranted fees, with robosigned documents, with enforced foreclosures and more. From rewarding success, there is a gradual transition to rewarding failure. And bankers are still touted as wise, valuable and worth their money.

Marx and marxism link
This is mainly a short analysis of Karl Marx's theories as expounded in his Capital and in Friedrich Engels' Anti-Dühring. It is analysing Marx's "science". To him, "Science" is only a catchword to make people believe there is some substance behind his words.
Marx's "real value" is something that is not known and something that can not be known. His "great discovery", "the revelation of the secret of capitalistic production through surplus value", is nothing more than the discovery that the capitalist makes money. His laws are completely meaningless, they only say that something has to happen unless something else happens.

Mixed (links) link
A few (2) posts outside the main themes.

In Swedish (links) link
A few posts written in my native Swedish. Some thoughts of little general interest.

The photography
The portrait is some years old, I hope it is not too misleading. The photographer is family, he wants to stay anonymous.


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For my posts, I have five departments, Site, Finance, Marxism, Mixed and Swedish. Within the departments, I have tried to keep the posts in some sort of order by subject, with one post leading naturally to the next. A consequence is that when I add a new post, it can be inserted anywhere. If you want to check for new posts, use the header button "By date".
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